SMS text message property marketing with phone number capture, mobile property websites and reusable codes

SMS Text Message Real Estate Marketing

Reach, engage and capture mobile home buyers through the RealBird Text Messaging Platform. All day, every day!

Powerful Text Message Platform To Reach Mobile Home Buyers On-The-Go

With the RealBird SMS Marketing Platform you can set up a dedicated SMS phone number and assign text codes to your mobile property websites. Prospective home buyers can inquire about any of your properties by simply sending that text code to your number. RealBird captures the prospect's phone number for you and notifies you immediatly.

RealBird Mobile Real Estate Marketing Platform

How does it work?

Once you set up your Twilio phone number and configured it with the RealBird platform as described in this tutorial, you are all set. Just post your call-to-action message on your sign riders, flyers or using the RealBird SMS sticker and we'll take care of the rest, including providing mobile phone optimized property information for your prospects and capturing the leads for you.

Reusable SMS codes

The RealBird property websites have automatically assigned text codes by default, but you can assign a custom code to your property and transfer it to another one later. Save big by reusing sign riders.

How much does it cost?

The SMS listing marketing is included with the RealBird PRO service but requires a SMS capable phone number from Twilio. The cost for the SMS number is only $1/month. In addition, each SMS costs 0.75 cent (ie. 1.5 cents per lead for one incoming and one outgoing message)


Only $15/month for unlimited listings
With an annual subscription. Or only $30/month with month-to-month.

The RealBird service is available to real estate agents, brokers and property managers in the USA, Canada.


RealBird Reviews

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Elva Branson-Lee, Solid Source Realty GA Lake City, GA
"Before I invested in RealBird, I was only generating leads to handle as a single listing agent. Once I joined Realbird Pro, my lead count increased dramatically and so did my need to build a team of buyers agents to service all the new prospects."

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